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Wake Me Up and Fuck Me Up

Smokestacks Cane 'N' Coffee - Doorly's 5yr, Expre Coffee, Stout Syrup, Espresso

Who doesn't love a classic Espresso Martini? This cocktail's popularity just keeps on growing and the Smokestack decided to team up with Artemis Coffee and Diageo Drinks in November to give a very different experience with Espresso Martinis.

So where did it start?

The martini was very much a style of cocktail to begin with however over time it became more common for the word to be associated with the glass itself – anything could be a martini because of the way it was served rather the contents. Dick Bradsell is credited with creating the unique concoction at Soho Brasserie and later Fred’s Bar during the 80’s– at what is generally considered a poor time for the quality of mixed drinks.  He originally called the drink ‘Vodka espresso’ and later ‘pharmaceutical stimulant’ and as the story goes, it was made for a famous supermodel at the time (although Dick has never revealed her identity). Dick was also responsible for such drinks as the Bramble and is generally regarded as kickstarting the modern cocktail revival.

What did our guests enjoy?

Our very own Lee Jones paired a selection of Diageo Brands to create a spin on the original, moving away from the well know 'vodka espresso' (well we still kept one of the drinks with vodka - we could never move completely away from the favourite)

Bullet Bourbon – A spicy, fruity American whiskey, what some might find challenging to drink by itself will be paired with a ‘Ethiopian Natural Process’ cold drip -  This is a super boozy and fruity coffee, big stone fruits and strawberries.

Ron Zacapa – A sweet, bold and chocolatey Guatemalan rum, to be paired with a Brazil Washed cold drip – Bold, chocolatey and nutty

Ketel One – A light and delicate wheat based Dutch vodka. He didn’t want something to blow this away so it was be paired with Panama Geisha – Geisha’s are very delicate floral coffees, nothing overpowering just light nuances.

Each drink was paired with homemade truffles to enhance the flavours present in the spirit and coffee.

Also our guests got to take away a 'DIY Cocktail Kit' For them to give it a go themselves at home!

These events sold out in record time! - So if you're interested in waking up and getting fucked up make sure you keep a lookout on all our social media platforms and website for the next one!

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