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Leeds Indie Food Festival is back!

Over the years they have brought a new meaning to food festivals in Leeds, combining all sorts of food and drinks events. From tastings to pairings to some amazing collaborations of Leeds finest independent food and drink establishments.

This year Chida Cantina are pleased to announce that we will be participating on the 10th of May and have joined forces with El Marchador Tacos & Olmeca Altos Tequila to bring you Viva La Vegan.

A celebration of all things plant based including an El Marchador Mexican street food feast, comprising of nibbles, antojitos, tacos and a dessert, along with three delicious Olmeca Altos refreshments!

So you'll start off with a welcome drink, a simple serve to introduce your tastebuds to Olmeca Altos Tequila, an award winning tequila brand. Joe Tivey the brand representative will be on site to talk you through each drink and also why tequila should not be feared! It's a world class spirit!

During your new and amazing experience with Tequila you will enjoy a mexican feast fit for royalty. Start off with some antojitos (little cravings) followed by a selection of tacos and lets not forget a dessert to finish things off nicely.

  • Pink Grapefruit Guacamole served with Totopos for     dipping. Perfect with a Paloma.
  • Squash Blossom Quesadillas – delicate courgette &     squash flowers with melted chease in folded tortillas. Made to munch     whilst sipping on a Tommys.
  • Street Tacos – a selection of street tacos served     family style with salsas & pickles. Washed down with a Reposado serve     #1
  • Pumpkin Pie tamale with coconut cream & pumpkin     seed brittle. Finishing fantastically with an Anejo Manhattan.

All together for just £30 per head you will receive 4 fabulously concocted Olmeca Altos serves alongside enough mexican food to keep you satisfied for days.

For full event information head over to Leeds Indie Food Festival and book your tickets today!


Come down and celebrate Mexico the way nature intended!

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