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Thank Funk it's Friday!


We all know that Friday feeling, it’s the last hurdle to getto the end of the week.

Where you can all forget about the stress of work, life and responsibilities until Monday morning.

So here at Smokestack we’ve put together something exclusive for that Friday after work treat.

Join us from 5-9pm for £6.50 cocktails, perfectly crafted to suit everyone’s tastes.


Now it wouldn’t be Smokestack without music involved, we’ll be playing the funkiest of tracks to get you ready for that night ahead.

Or whether you’re just fancying a few to wind down after the long week and head home early.

We’ve got something for everyone!

Raj Spritz


If you fancy planning ahead and making sure that you get a seat, why not book a booth for you and your friends?

Contact – booking@smokestackleeds.co.uk


So, join us at Smokestack this Friday for our new Thank Funk It’s Friday menu!

We’ll see you at the bar…

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