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Taco Tuesdays!

El Marchador have officially set up shop at Chida Cantina and we’re bringing you the very best for Taco Tuesdays... & Lets not forget the entire menu is vegan and gluten free!

Choose from a selected range of tacos which include El Marchadors

El Corredor* –Our own drunken beans with crunchy white onion & coriander.

Barbacoa Jackfruit*– Jackfruit cooked down in a rich smokey sauce,

Norizo* – Our own recipe Mexican style chorizo with a soy mince & lentil base.

With your selection you will get 10 for 10 pounds or you can opt for 2 tacos and a beer, choose from a corona or pacifico clara.

Alongside these amazing offers you can also grab a frozen margarita for only 5 pounds!

The beginning of the week just got a whole lot better with Chida Cantina & El Marchador Tacos!



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