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Single As Funk

'Don't drink from the mainstream'

A quote we love to live by. This Valentine's Day at Smokestack throw tradition out the window and replace it with a carefully crafted cocktail and some of your best companions. In true Smokestack style we have a night like no other, we're getting Single as Funk..

This night is for everyone, far and wide. Music brings people together, so we'll provide the music and you the people, get together and make the party!

Not only are we open until 3am, we have some amazing offers in store. An exclusive cocktail menu made to suit everyone and the best part is all cocktails are only 5 pounds!

Not one for cocktails? That's ok.. because we're throwing out bottles of prosecco for only 15 pounds.

So.. if your wondering what to do this Valentine's that doesn't involve looking at everyones romantic meals/gifts on social (not that we all don't enjoy a nice meal or gift), head down town to Smokestack for a night you won't forget!

If you would like to secure an area for you and your friends, don't hesitate! Contact us on the number above or at bookings@smokestackleeds.co.uk

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