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Old Fashioned 101

Are you ready for some old fashioned fun?

Every Monday throughout July & August we have some amazing events lined up for you

We've teamed up with Wild Turkey UK to bring you the very best over the next two months..

Walk ins welcome! But if you would like to book in advance email bookings@smokestackleeds.co.uk

Age your own Old Fashioned


In this event you’ll get to age your own old fashioned for only £5 per head!!. Our experts will guide you in the recipe and ingredients, after the barrel is sealed we'll give you a delicious Wild Turkey 101 cocktail and then we’ll welcome you back on the 23rd of July for you to enjoy your creation.

Infuse your own old fashioned


In this event you’ll get to infuse your very own old fashioned for only £5 per head!!. Our experts will guide you in the recipe and ingredients,you'll choose your own ingredients to infuse your very own creation behind the bar at Smokestack. 

Old Fashioned Flight Tasting


In this event you’ll get to try 3 old fashioned infusions served as a flight for only £10 per head!!. Our experts will guide you through the different infusions we have put together in this flight. 

And now for the main event!

On Thursday August 2nd we have a masterclass and tasting for only £20 per head. Ticket booking essential.

The Old Fashioned is now one of the UK’s most loved cocktails. A blend of Bourbon, bitters, sugar syrup & orange oils is all that’s needed to create this signature drink. But… the secret lies in what Bourbon is used. We all have our favourites but in this exclusive event we will be showcasing one of the original Kentucky family bourbons, Wild Turkey. You’ll be guided through this event with an expert from the brand itself & also our brand manager at Smokestack. 

1st up you’ll receive a welcome drink, a whiskey highball, a tall drink that is light and refreshing to start off your evening right. Next, we’ll tie in a little masterclass in this event, you’ll learn how to make your very own old fashioned, we’ll teach you the tips & tricks to make the perfect beverage suitable for all occasions. 

Next up, whilst you’re enjoying your hand-crafted drink we’ll introduce you to some of Wild Turkey bourbon range in an informal Whiskey Tasting where you will sample 3 tipples of their range. Learning about the flavours & how the process to create these delicious tipples are made. Once you’ve tasted some of the best of Wild Turkey Range, no doubt you’ll be feeling a little peckish, so we’ll be treating you too a platter of wings, slaw and a few other sides. (Vegetarians can be catered for, please let us know in advance when booking your tickets!)

After you’ve enjoyed your meal break we’ll show you how to make the perfect bottled Old Fashioned, this is perfect for gifts, showing your skills at your parties or dinners. And what’s even better is you can take it home with you! We’ll also ensure you have all the recipes of what you learnt to take home with you so that you can really show off your skills! 

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For any further information please contact, bookings@smokestackleeds.co.uk / 0113 245 2222

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