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New Orleans New Year

New Orleans, best known for the music that’s rooted deep into its culture and also the cocktails, we can’t forget about the cocktails. 

Smokestack is bringing a pinch of New Orleans culture into the thriving city of Leeds. So, this New Year’s Eve why would you want to spend it anywhere else?

New Orleans differs from any other city during this night, it doesn’t limit itself to one area or event. Celebrations thrive throughout the whole city!

Let’s look into what our brothers and sisters will be doing over the pond.

The French Quarter

If you’ve done any research into New Orleans you’ll know that the French Quarter is one of the oldest landmarks in the area. It is both a prime tourist destination and attractive for local residents. In the quarter you have countless options to choose from in the way of nightclubs. So, dance your way into 2018 and take a stroll down Bourbon Street for late night encounters and lively music. Most of the clubs and bars have open air court yards and balconies which create a perfect view for those midnight fireworks set off all around the city.

Fact – As you head down Bourbon Street you’ll notice the open container law, which means you can drink openly on the streets – one of the most popular cocktails is the ‘Hurricane’ – Which Smokestack have brought to New Briggate.

This one is sure to put a spark into your New Year’s Eve

‘Hurricane Smokestack’ - grog mix, pineapple juice, lime juice, flaming lime shell. Our own blend of rums and spices have been the secret to this cocktail’s success.

The New Year’s Eve Parade

The mardi-gras style parade is sure to get you in the mood for the late-night festivities that flood the streets of New Orleans. Floats and bands will make their way down the French Quarter up Decatur Street along the Mississippi River, passing iconic landmarks such as The Old US Mint, the French Market, Cafe du Monde and Jackson Square.

You can even watch the parade! Live feeds are available online!

Take a stroll down Bourbon Street this year.

Fireworks at Crescent Park

We know the big nightlife isn’t for everyone, but New Orleans has something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for something a little slower paced why not head down to Crescent Park for the firework display? Where you can see the lights shine over the Mississippi river. Check out this video below from the 4th of July display, I’m sure the New Year’s Eve display will not disappoint.


Live Music / Concerts

Now it wouldn’t be New Orleans without some live music making its way through the streets. To embrace the full experience, you need to throw some authentic live jazz and blues into the mix.

All the live music is mainly located in the concert halls down Frenchman Street, where you can often find musical talents swarming the streets as well.

Live Jazz, Blues and Soul is something we take pride in bringing to the streets of Leeds. Some nights it even includes the bands starting a conga line and taking you round Briggate, Call Lane and back again bringing the New Orleans vibe right to your front door.

If you have the impression you’re down Frenchman Street feeling carefree and immersed in the music, culture and atmosphere, why not have a cocktail to match the mood?

Casanova Shake  Saliza amaretto, briottet cacao blanc, almond milk, abbott's bitters

We hope to see you this New Year's Eve down at Smokestack for some New Orleans inspired music and drinks, we may not be over the pond but we can sure embrace the culture.

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