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Introducing The Holy Mountain Kitchen

The Holy Mountain Kitchen have taken up residence in Chida Cantina.

Bringing Mexico to Leeds until late!

Sean and Harry made their mark in Chida Cantina late September and since then they've been serving up banging tacos, tv dinners, buffet options for our sister venues and let's not forget the first-class banter. What makes this duo even better is they serve their amazing food until 12am on weekdays and 1am on weekends. So, if you've had a few bevs and fancy a bite, this is the perfect place for you!

We had an informal chat with the lads and did a little Q&A so you could get to know them better.

  • Why Mexican food? - (S) Harry went on tour around Mexico and fell in love with the street food. (H) It's perfect alcohol food, while you're drinking you can just pick at what you want.
  • Tequila or Mezcal? (H) - Mezcal, it seems to have a drug esc quality to it. Like the feeling of drinking it. (S) - Mezcal, I feel more grown up drinking Mezcal, when I was drinking Tequila I was a nightmare just going home drunk and eating tacos, it makes me feel like an adult.
  • Best     festival you've been too? (S) - Beacons, not to jump on the bandwagon but I saw Sleaford Mods for the first time and they were pretty sick. (H) Ozz  Fest for me, I saw Black Sabbath there.
  • Would you rather not eat tacos for a year or not drink for a year? (S) - I'm going to choose the option I shouldn't choose but I wouldn't eat tacos for a year. (H) I would have to be the same, give up tacos for a year.
  • What's your favourite Chida cocktail? (H) Mezcarita (S) Tommy's Margarita
  • What's your ideal song to prep food to? (H) MF Doom - Old School (S) The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Not if you were the last dandy on earth.

Check out the full menu they have on offer at Chida Cantina below. Come and meet the lads down at Chida Cantina today!

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