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Escape To Italy

Have we got a summer treat for you Leeds!

Join us & Campari on Thursday 12th of July for a summer spritz night that will take you through Italy, who needs to jump on a plane when we can take you there ourselves with an amazing selection of drinks!

We all know the spirtz is the must have summer beverage, but where does it come from? and what makes it such a summer staple?

For only £25 per person you'll receive 5 delicious spritz drinks & Italian inspired nibbles throughout.

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Start off in Turin, where you'll receive Cinzano 1757 & homemade lemonade.

Next we'll take you on your travels too Milan where you'll enjoy Campari, Cinzano Rosso & Prosecco, this one is sure to put that fizz into your step!

Then we'll jump on a gondala and journey through Venice where you'll indulge in the one and only Aperol Spritz.

Next stop, Florence for the Classic Negroni. One of the worlds most famous classic cocktails.

& to finish off your travels let's all have a Averna Sour in Sicily, Averna Amaro, lemon, sugar and egg white.

You'll also get a little take away Campari Soda to take home with you! & There adorable!

You'll also be taken on this journey with our guest speaker Alessandro, who is a Leeds local now, but being Italian, we couldn't think of a better host to take you on this adventure...

Here's a little taster of what he will be talking about on the evening...

“I love to talk everything about my country, Italy. Living now in Leeds, far from my hometown of Milan, talking about products like Campari takes me back to my motherland and my childhood. Campari in my hometown is strongly connected with the bar life style of socializing and sharing incredible moments. From turning the legal age to drink (some even earlier ;-) ) people are ordering a Campari. 

The classic first drink is using a bottle of Campari soda poured in to a glass filled with ice then topped up with white wine, a drink calledBicicletta (bicycle). This is the essential of living the bar life in Italy, drinking Aperitivi, eating from massive free buffet, making new friends and sharing great moments with your mates.The most famous Aperitivi and Amaros, on the market now, have their origin in Italy where this inherited tradition started many, many years ago. 

It is not just a fashion, it is a great tradition thanks to the family’s secret ancient recipes that still survive the years. It is still produced thanks to the same passion and respect for the tradition. My aim is driving you in this fantastic journey through the epiphany of bitters discovering the Italian ancient roots and routes of these fantastic products. From North Italy to Sicily we are going to make your life definitely bitter! And Bitter is better!

ESCAPE TO ITALY WITH SMOKESTACKAn adventurous tour of the most iconic Italian cities from north to south to discover the roots and the secrets of the most iconic Italian products. Aperol Spritz, Negroni and much more!Lay back and let you drive through the beauties and fantastic products that my motherland can offer! Adults only ;-) From aperitivo to after dinner treat, Amaro'

Book your tickets today! We have limited spaces available so make sure your get your's quickly!

Embrace summer the right way, with Smokestack & Campari!

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